About Us

The Academy of Hospitality Industry Attorneys (AHIA) was formed by a group of attorneys from across the United States who represent clients engaged in the hotel, restaurant, hospitality, travel, meeting, convention, tourism and related industries (collectively, “Industries”). We are committed to promoting professionalism and education and improved communication to create a network of competent, experienced attorneys to improve legal services to our clients in the Industries.

AHIA’s membership consists of attorneys who have demonstrated experience, competence and recognition in handling legal matters for clients in the Hospitality Industry or as serving as in-house counsel to companies within the Hospitality Industry. Membership is limited to those attorneys whom AHIA believes will best represent the principles of leadership and excellence in providing quality legal services to our clients in the Industries.

What can AHIA do for you?

  • Create a network of capable and experienced Industry counsel.
  • Open avenues for ready exchange of information and ideas.
  • Advance education for attorneys and clients within the Hospitality Industry.
  • Increase member’s exposure to decision makers in the Hospitality Industry.

How will AHIA achieve these member benefits?

  • AHIA will hold at least one annual meeting for its members which may dovetail with other Industry meetings.
  • AHIA will provide educational seminars for Industry members and other professionals.
  • AHIA will have a membership of recognized and experienced Industry legal counsel between whom members may competently and ethically refer clients.
  • AHIA members will use a private email group to exchange ideas and information amongst fellow members.
  • AHIA will publish an updated membership directory available to all members.

 Academy of Hospitality Industry Attorneys Bylaws updated October 2019